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Web Host Guide - Introduction

The process of choosing a web host can seem a daunting task. A quick search on google for web host yields over 6,000,000 results! Who are all these companies? No one really knows. In the market of web hosting there is very little brand recognition, which means the consumer has to do a bit of research to ensure they arrive at a quality web hosting provider.

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What is a Web Host?

A web host provider is a company who rents out web space and bandwidth to those who wish to publish a web site. The web host gives its customer an account, which can be used to upload HTML documents, PHP scripts, graphics, and more.

What to Look For

There are many variables that define a hosting service. We have separated this guide into the most important variables to consider. Hosts may not offer all this information up front, so you may have to contact the host via email or phone to get the answers you need. If this is your first time in choosing a web host, then do yourself a favor and peruse our Web Host Guide.

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